To those who want to be freed
To those fighting for that need
To those tied down, imprisoned
To those who won’t be poisoned

Freedom cannot be bought
You have to take it, run away with it
Once you have it, no second thought
If they ask you, you’re not the culprit

Like a bird, fly away
Higher, faster, nothing slowing you down
It’s your life, you shouldn’t have to pray
To get a taste of freedom, you have to take the crown

Think for yourself, make decisions
But don’t be selfish, listen to opinions
Your choices will shape your future
But you can’t give in to the pressure

Let the fire within burn
Let it flow through your body
Be yourself, complaints are none of your concern
Take a step, you will be free

You broke the chains, you broke the bind
Feeling guilty? Try to ease your mind
You were right, you did what you had to do
Now freedom’s only master is you.

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